How to dress like a baddie?

Have you ever seen a babe walk past you, and you were like Gosh! That girl's a baddie. I wish I could dress like that. Well, we can turn your dream into a reality. In this blog, we have provided you with all you need to become a baddie.

Put on your confidence

While the clothes, top accessories, and shoes make the look, confidence is the first thing you need. By definition, a baddie is a sexy, stylish babe that is not afraid to show off her beautiful body. If you don't carry yourself the right way, you won't rock your ensemble like a true baddie.

Even the basics do wonders for your confidence. Stand up straight, chin up, and carry yourself like the goddess you are.

Crop circles and tops

Get ready to shop from your favorite women's boutique online if you don't have crop tops. Crop tops are a fundamental element in the baddie outfit. There is just something about them that screams sexy. They could be t-shirts, sweaters, tanks, or shorts. The great thing is you can get your cropped clothing on a budget. All you need do is trim off your favorite women's shirts or jeans, and you are good to go.

Show off them curves

Did we mention that a baddie is bold and daring? Don't be afraid to show off your bold curves baby girl! Tight fit is the way to go- You can't go wrong in a jumpsuit/romper.

If you don't like a full tight fit, you can opt to wear hugging clothes on one half of your body. Choose anyone that accentuates your best features. For example, you could wear a crop top with a pair of loose sweatpants and sneakers to give chill vibes or a loose tee with skin-tight ripped jeans.

Baddie's clothes come in twos

If you want to stay true to the culture, you should get yourself matching pairs. They usually come with a crop top and high-waist trousers- This outfit shows some skin while hiding enough to keep everyone guessing. Get them in your preferred colors, prints, etc. Tracksuits are also a must-have.

The baddie in boots and chunky sneakers

To be that girl, you need the right shoes in your collection. Go wild on thigh-length leather shoes, chunky sneakers, and more.

High-waist trousers

High-waist trousers are essential to executing the baddie outfit. They show off your curves, and when done right, makes your waist look smaller, giving you a sexier look.


Go bold on women's baddie accessories. Items like bucket hats, bright sunglasses, and belted bags can add a pop of color and an extra layer of swag to your ensemble.