Top accessories every woman must have

Fashion divas and uber-confident baddies up their style games many notches with accessories. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of must-have accessories. In this blog, we won't talk about the essentials like earrings or basic footwear-everyone knows they should own those.

A small necklace

If you want a subtle accessory to your wardrobe, you should get a small gold or silver necklace with a thoughtful pendant. They pair well with all styles. A small necklace on women's baddie clothing, check, your go-to necklace on a white dress, double-check. A small necklace is excellent for almost every season. The only bad thing is that you may not be able to show them off during winter underneath all those layers of clothing.

Statement piece

Statement pieces are large bold, and meant to stand out. Note that you can't put on your neckpiece every attire. They have a mood, time, and place. Just don't wear your statement piece with a sequin dress or anything too flashy. That is against fashion rules. Complement your statement necklace with neutral or darker attire to create a balanced look.

Belt bag

A belt bag is among the must-have women's baddie accessories for a wide range of looks. From the baddie look to give you more functionality. You can wear belt bags in many ways: across your body, over the shoulder, around your waist, etc. Besides adding high functionality to your ensemble, they also amp your style game. A bright bag can add a pop of color to neutral attire or a dark outfit. Alternatively, you can use it to tone things down. Your choice.

Baseball hat

Baseball hats aren't necessarily for recreating a sporty or casual look. Some of your favorite celebs pair them with mini-dress to give a unique combination that works surprisingly well- Not everyone can pull it off though.

Straw hat

Straw hats immediately add an extra layer of style to your game and make you look irresistibly adorable. They are perfect for sunny or beach days. Straw hats also keep you stylish on your bad hair days.

Waist belt

Every woman needs a good-quality waist belt or two. Just like other entries on the list, waist belts are very versatile. You can rock them for an office look or a fun casual outing. Waist belts accentuate your body by giving an appearance of a smaller waist.